How to configure your Stripe dashboard

Use Moneyboard to easily configure and setup your Stripe e-commerce dashboard. Visualize your data from Stripe, Google Analitycs, Mailchimp and Facebook.

How to configure your Stripe dashboard

Selling online has never been so easy as it is now with e-commerce platforms like Lightspeed, WooCommerce, Squarespace and Shopify. Without any technical knowledge or coding skills you can still easily setup a webshop and start selling your products or services. With a little bit of focus and dedication it’s even possible to setup a shop within a day. In all of this data is very important. Find out how to configure your Stripe dashboard.

Ready for e-commerce business, now what?

Ok, so your shop is configured and ready for business? Now you have to start with one of the most difficult things in online business: marketing! Good and effective marketing is one of the most important things to become successful in e-commerce. You have to put in hard work and a lot of time to make sure customers will find your shop. Go setup that Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account to start advertising! It’s also wise to invest in great SEO and publish relevant content such as blogs. We at Moneyboard use StoryChief for our marketing campaigns. It’s a content workspace and publishing tool that gives us the necessary overview on our campaigns.

The need for better e-commerce insights

Let’s assume your marketing efforts start to pay off and generate relevant traffic and new customers. Then soon the urge for better insights will increase. There are several systems that, apart of each other, contain very relevant data and insights for your business. Think about the date in your e-commerce platform, Google Analytics, social channels, e-mailmarketing platform and Payment Service Provider. If you are interested in all the insights that these datasources can offer you. You’ll have to login in all these systems and aggregate all the data to make a dashboard using Excel or other online dashboarding tool that requires knowledge about dataprocessing or API connectors.

This is where Moneyboard -an easy to install Stripe dashboard- comes in! Read further and find out how to configure your Stripe dashboard.

Take these steps to configure your Stripe dashboard

Moneyboard is the easiest plug-and-play dashboard when you use Stripe as a payment provider. By following these simple steps you can configure your own e-commerce dashboard:

1. Become a beta tester (this is temporarily and totally free) and create an account here:

2. Give your dashboard a name. After registration you’ll land on the settings page, just give your dashboard the name of your choosing and select the timezone you’re in. Don’t forget to hit the save button 😉

3. Connect your integrations. Using the left menu you can go to integrations. This is where’s it gets interesting. At this point you can choose to connect five ‘data sources’. This is how you connect with each one of them:


  • After you hit the connect button you’ll have to fill in an ‘Acces key’. Don’t have an Acces key yet? No problem, just generate one by following these steps:
  • Go to: for detailed information about Stripe API keys.
  • Create a Restricted API key and make sure to set the Permissions of the following Resource types on Read.
    • All core resources
    • All Checkout resources
    • All Billing resources
    • Hit save!
    • Make sure to copy the key!
  • Go back to and fill in (copy) the key and than hit save!

Congrats you just connected the most essential data source!


  • Just sign in with your Google Account where your Google Analytics is connected to and select the webshop domain.


  • Go to and login. When logged in you navigate to ‘account’ using the right top corner navigation. Then go to ‘Extra’s’ and hit the navbutton API keys. There you can create a new API key for Moneyboard. Once created, copy/paste the API key and paste it in the ‘Acces key’ field on the integrations page at Hit save and this one is all set!



  • Just fill in the Twitter username of your shop and you’re done!

Make it secure

Now go to Security by using the left menu. This is where you can enter you’re pincode to make sure you’re the only one that has acces to you’re dashboard.

By hitting the ‘View Dashboard’ button in the right top corner you will be guided to your e-commerce dashboard. Fill in your pin and see the magic on your screen!

A pro tip

After completion of this proces we hope you will enjoy your dashboard and give it a prominent spot in your office. Just a little pro tip for enthousiasts with a smart TV: by entering the dashboard specific URL and PIN in the smart TV browser you can display it full-screen on your TV.

if you have any questions left just make sure to visit our support page:

When our beta program ends we hope to start integrating new datasources to give you more relevant insights. If you have any suggestions just let us know via