Your Stripe e-commerce dashboard is the ultimate solution to track and analyse the most important metrics of your e-commerce business

Your Stripe e-commerce dashboard is the ultimate solution to track and analyse the most important metrics of your e-commerce business. With a few simple steps you can setup your own dashboard with real time information. Giving you all the relevant information you need to track the performance of your online store.

Why should I use Moneyboard to set up an e-commerce dashboard?

If you want to optimize your e-commerce business it’s important to have quick access to the most relevant data. Useful and actionable data helps you increase performance.

Many solutions are difficult to use. They offer a huge variety of options, metrics and connections. Dashboards that are complicated to setup if you don’t have the right IT knowledge. helps by doing the heavy lifting for you. We’ve created a simple process where you can setup a Stripe e-commerce dashboard within 5 minutes. only includes the metrics that are key for e-commerce.

What are the key e-commerce metrics shown on my Moneyboard dashboard?

The metrics that you can see in one glance on your Moneyboard are split up in two streams:

Financial Metrics

The financial e-commerce metrics show how your webshop is currently performing. This is the most important data because you can directly see how much you’ve earned this day and month. There is also information about the amount of orders and new clients. This part of the e-commerce dashboard shows you:

Revenue Metrics:

  • Today’s Revenue
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Annual Revenue

Order Metrics:

  • Today’s Orders
  • Average Order Value
  • New Accounts
  • A visual feed of all orders of today

Engagement Metrics

The engagement metrics show another part of important data. This is all about the performance and the users on your webshop. With our e-commerce dashboard you can see how you’re business is performing at the moment. There’s information about the user are on the site and how you’re social channels are performing.

Users Metrics:

  • Current Users
  • New vs. Returning Users
  • Time on Site
  • Page Views
  • Bounce Rate

Social Metrics:

  • Newsletters Subscribers
  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Followers

The data used in your e-commerce dashboard is pulled from different data sources. The financial data comes from Stripe. The website-related data comes from Google Analytics, and the Social Metrics from Facebook, Twitter and Mailchimp.

So how will this e-commerce dashboard help you?

When you sign-up for a free trial version of Moneyboard you have full access to all functionality for 45 days. It will directly help you get better insights. With those insights you will have the relevant information to set out actions to grow you online store.

  • Instantly get an overview of your Revenue Numbers
  • See how you e-commerce business is performing
  • Get insights in how many customers spend time on your website
  • Track the performance of your webshop

Signup for Moneyboard today!

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