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What is Moneyboard? expand_more

Moneyboard is a simple but powerful dashboard for Stripe that shows you the most important business metrics on your TV screen. Mobile view coming soon!

How do I start with Moneyboard? expand_more

You can sign up for a free trial. The trial is fully functional, so you can link your Stripe-account without any problems. It’s plug & play! Do you like Moneyboard? Then simply subscribe and enjoy the product!

How do I connect Stripe? expand_more

  • After you hit the connect button you’ll have to fill in an ‘Acces key’. Don’t have an Acces key yet? No problem, just generate one by following these steps:
  • Go to: for detailed information about Stripe API keys.
  • Create a Restricted API key and make sure to set the Permissions of the following Resource types on Read.
    • All core resources
    • All Checkout resources
    • All Billing resources
    • Hit save!
    • Make sure to copy the key!
  • Go back to and fill in (copy) the key and than hit save!

Read more on this page:

How do I connect Google Analytics? expand_more

Find the Connect button under the Integrations menu. Log in to your Google Analytics account and just follow the steps!

How do I connect Mailchimp? expand_more

Go to and login.

Navigate to ‘account’ using the right top corner navigation.

Go to ‘Extra’s’ and hit the button API keys.

There you can create a new API key for Moneyboard.

Once created, copy the API key and paste it in the ‘Acces key’ field on the integrations page at

Hit save and this one is all set!

How do I connect Facebook? expand_more

Go to and find your Facebook ID. Copy/paste your ID and you’re all set!

How do I connect Twitter? expand_more

Just fill in the Twitter username of your shop and you’re done!

What does it cost? expand_more

Currently it’s free. After the beta period it will cost 4,99 per month. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

How do you handle my data? expand_more

With care. Your privacy matters. The dashboard runs on a random URL (which can be reset) and is protected with a pin code. Furthermore you can read everything regarding your privacy on the Privacy page.

How do I cancel my subscription? expand_more

You can always easily cancel your subscription. No questions asked! Just click on your username in the right top and navigate to ‘Subscriptions’. You can cancel it there.

How can I display Moneyboard on my TV? expand_more

Moneyboard works in a browser. So you need to have your browser displayed on a TV screen. There are several ways to do that. We can recommend using an Asus Chromebit to display your browser on a TV. Read more about this on:

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