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Tired of constantly checking your e-commerce performance? Generate a real-time visual overview with the most important data.

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Everything in one view.

As an entrepeneur you spend a lot of time checking the revenue, sales and impact of your e-commerce business. But mostly that’s a time consuming process. What if you would have one dashboard with all the information you need? Numbers that you can see in one glance on your dashboard? Look no further, Moneyboard is what you need!

Real-time data

See how your business is performing within seconds. Real-time data showing current orders and analytics from multiple sources.

All your Stripe, Google Analytics and Social Media metrics in one clear and visual overview.

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Plug & Play

Setting up a business data dashboard was never this easy. No need to work through 60+ API’s or integrations, let us do the heavy lifting. Within just four clicks you’ll get all your relevant data on display.

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    1. Sign up

    We just need you e-mail and you’re good to go.

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    2. Connect

    Connect your Stripe, Mailchimp and Social accounts.

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    3. Display

    Put it on a TV screen for easy viewing!

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Multiple sources, one view

Are you working with multiple systems that all generate relevant data? Moneyboard aggregates your data and displays it in one great designed overview with the metrics that really matter.

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Moneyboard comes with a ton of features built in. Available for you from the moment you sign-up. No extra costs for other features: one-price-fits-all.

  • monetization_on


    The results from sales from the current week and the week before.

  • score


    The current revenue, the total revenue from the current month and the annual revenue.

  • shopping_cart


    The current amount of orders, the average order value and new vs returning orders.

  • insert_chart


    Goal completions, average order value, users, etc.

  • favorite


    Connect with Facebook, Twitter and mail programs

  • card_giftcard

    And more!

    Date, time and subscription of orders

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